Pizza Hut launches digital menu that reads your mind tracking eye movement

It can tell you what you want to eat in the blink of an eye, simply by tracking the movement of your retina.

In exactly 2.5 seconds the subconscious menu reads the minds of customers, by using a mathematical algorithm to identify a customer’s perfect pizza.

The incredible software was developed for Pizza Hut by Swedish eye tracking technology pioneers Tobii Technology.

Taking six months to build, the menu is completely controlled by the customer’s retina.

The four-step process starts when the software detects the users retina and gaze by asking customers to randomly look at different circles.

Eye movements are tracked against the small marks on the screen.

The software then detects the gaze of the user by changing the logos on the interface from big to small.

This is then followed by ingredients tracking, where the user is given three seconds to look at 20 ingredients on the screen.

The algorithm then kicks in and the menu identifies the perfect pizza based on which ingredients the user has been looking at the longest.

By Anucyia Victor – MailOnline –