Protesters carry firearms into Walmart where cop gunned down black man over toy gun

From Raw Story –

Gun enthusiasts openly carried firearms Sunday in to an Ohio Walmart store where police fatally shot a black man holding a toy rifle.

About 40 open-carry activists protested the Aug. 5 police shooting of 22-year-old John Crawford III at the Beavercreek retailer after a grand jury declined last month to charge the officer who killed him.

In addition to weapons, the demonstrators carried signs that said “I am John Crawford” and “Serve and Protect. Not Serve to Kill.”

Another shopper, Ronald Ritchie, spotted Crawford carrying the unboxed air pellet rifle and called 911 to report a possible threat.

Ritchie told dispatchers Crawford was pointing the weapon at shoppers, but after viewing surveillance video with prosecutors, he claimed the slain man had merely been waving the gun around.

The open carry of firearms is legal in Ohio, and the demonstrators said they wanted to remind police and residents of the law.

“The whole point of this is to be a peaceful protest and educate people that Ohio is an open-carry state, and a man was killed while open-carrying a gun inside the Walmart,” said one protester who asked to remain anonymous.

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Public Records Again Expose Albuquerque Police Misconduct In Shooting

By Charlie Grapski – –


Once again the use of public records laws by citizens pays off by exposing wrongdoing by public officials – in this case police officers. Despite the attempts by the City of Albuquerque to deny records lawfully required to be produced persistence paid off. Video evidence that has been obtained from the James Boyd murder, on March 16th, reveals far more of what really happened that day.

In particular it reveals that Officer Keith Sandy, who was hired with the explicit public assurance that he would never carry a badge or gun but would only “push papers” behind a desk (he was fired for inappropriate activity from the New Mexico State Police), did not merely shoot and kill James Boyd that day.

Several hours before he shot Boyd three times, at point blank range, with an M-4 Assault Rifle – Sandy stated to a former colleague, New Mexico State Police Sergeant Chris Ware, that he was “going to shoot him with [unintelligible] a shotgun here in a second.”

He made this statement despite the fact that he had not even seen Boyd or obtained anything but a cursory statement of the issues pertaining to the incident.

That statement, under NM Stat § 30-2-1 (1996 through 1st Sess 50th Legis), could justify not just a charge – but a conviction – for First Degree Murder.

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