Mystery Of Human Skulls At Stamford Transfer Station

By David Owens –

The two human skulls found Thursday at the Stamford refuse transfer station came from the Fairfield County home of a man who apparently was into the occult and who died recently, according to one of the men who cleaned out the man’s house..

Two human skulls and thousands of magazines, books and videos on Satan, witchcraft and the occult were discovered Thursday afternoon at the city’s refuse transfer station.

The skulls — tossed out by the cleaning crew who thought they weren’t real — prompted a call to police, who swarmed the transfer station to investigate.

David Odice, an employee with Junkluggers, and his partner, Charlie Inzucchi, on Thursday cleared out the Fairfield home of Robert L. DeVitto, 56, who died Oct. 15. They did the work at the request of DeVitto’s father, Robert J. DeVitto, 89. He declined to comment Friday afternoon.

“We were just doing what we do,” Odice said Friday. “We were cleaning out a hoarder situation and we came across some skulls.”

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Rise in Overt Demonic Activity

By Cris Putnam – –

Below is sample from [my book] The Supernatural Worldview containing a massive footnote of articles showing an upsurge in demonic activity and commentary by pastor Russ Dizdar:

When I started this book, the rise in demonic activity was a speculation. Today, it’s a certainty. On February 16, 2014, the Associated Press reported, “Pa. woman admits Craigslist killing, 22 other satanic murders.”[i] New cases like that are added to my list daily, it is unprecedented. This paragraph’s last endnote will provide links to a multitude of news stories supporting the idea that demons are increasingly active. For example, a 2012 article at Christian News, “Extreme Demonic Manifestations on the Rise Worldwide,” linked at the footnote”[ii]

Based on my volunteer work, recent events, and the available media data, I think one can generalize that such demonization is increasing worldwide. I am not saying it is valid to make scientific sociological assertions from anecdotal accounts, but when I encounter so many people saying the same sorts of things, I feel confident that this sort of testimony is characteristic. Russ Dizdar, author of The Black Awakening,[iii] is a pastor who specializes in the occult. I emailed Russ for his opinion on recent events and he replied:

“Yes I believe the supernatural…especially the dark side of it has ramped up in a massive way over the last 35 years…and I do believe what we have seen and researched and heard in the last three decades is merely a scratch of what’s to come. I say this on these levels:
1.My 35 years in the field of evangelism, counseling, and dealing with demonized people—there are just so many. The issues of “sleep paralysis,” voices in the head, new rituals, astral projection, channeling, and crazed, supernaturally driven killings are all growing.
2.My 30 years of work targeting the “underground”…satanic ritual abuse, the covens, and the organized side of what is so hidden. The sheer number of victims in many nations now is staggering: 40 million and now four generations of them.
3.The growth of the New Age movement worldwide…to infect 1 billion-plus.
4.The growth of old occultism like Aleister Crowley’s work worldwide, secret societies, and clubs….”


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The Occult History of NASA

From –

Since its inception in 1958 the truth of NASA’s occult origins has been discretely hidden from public awareness; origins linked to perhaps the most “wicked” of all occult practitioners in modern history, Satanist, Aleister Crowley. As well, the highest echelons of NASA’s administration were dominated by secret society initiates including Freemasons and Nazi SS personnel, most notably, Wernher Von Braun. This high-tech occult cabal secretly used the Apollo moon missions, not to advance science, but to serve their devotion to the mystery gods of ancient Egypt…

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