Montana Senate Passes Bill to Nullify FDA Restrictions

A bill passed unanimously by the Montana Senate today would effectively nullify some Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules that prevent treatments from being used by terminally ill patients.

Senate Bill 142 (SB142) was introduced by Sen. Cary Smith as the Montana Right to Try Act on Jan. 13. The bill was quickly moved to a hearing and executive session vote in the Senate Committee on Public Health, Welfare and Safety, where it passed 7-0. And today, the Montana Senate took the measure up, passing it unanimously, 47-0.

According to the sponsor, Sen. Smith, there was widespread support for his bill, with over 70 co-sponsors, and many of those “getting on board early.”

If passed into law, a patient suffering from a terminal disease attested to by a physician and who has considered all other approved treatment options would be able to try experimental treatments or drugs not yet approved by the FDA, effectively nullifying this narrow, but important set of federal restrictions.

SB142 also prohibits any state official, employee, or agent from blocking or attempting to block an eligible patient’s access to an investigational product. In other words, if the FDA wants to stop this from happening in Montana, they won’t be able to rely on help from the state, which is usually the case with enforcement actions.

Physicians are protected under the bill as well. SB142 prohibits any licensing board from taking action to revoke, suspend, sanction, fail to renew, or take any other action against a physician’s license solely based on such physician’s recommendation, prescription, or treatment of an eligible patient with an investigational product.

SB142 makes up part of a greater trend promoting medical freedom sweeping the nation. During this most recent November election, Arizona residents approved Prop. 303, known as the Arizona Terminal Patients’ Right to Try Referendum….

Legislatures in Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, and Louisiana, have already passed Right to Try Laws similar to the Arizona amendment, and more than 20 states are considering such measures in 2015, with the Wyoming Senate passing a similar measure unanimously last week.

Although these laws only address one small aspect of FDA regulation, they provide us with a clear model demonstrating how to nullify federal statutes that violate the Constitution….

By Michael Boldin – Tenth Amendment Center –

Pastor’s historic election day sermon at Montana’s Capitol

January 4th, 2015 Marked the 5th bi-annual Election Day Sermon held at the State House in Helena, MT. Pastor Matt Trewhella encouraged 40 to 50 of Montana’s incoming legislators to take their responsibility as lesser magistrates seriously. The Election Day Sermon has a long history on the North American Continent yet Montana is the only state in the union to hold an Election Day Sermon in the capitol building directed especially at elected officials today.

Matt Trewhella delivered a firm message to the legislators in attendance concerning their responsibility as lesser magistrates to protect their constituents from the tyranny of higher powers i.e. the Federal Government. It was made clear that all civil magistrates are “ministers of God” (Roms. 13:4), and that when a higher magistrate manifests a rejection of the authority of Jesus Christ it is up to the lesser magistrate to employ authority to first, bring the higher magistrate back under the authority of Jesus Christ, and that being unsuccessful, to protect the people in their jurisdiction from the tyranny which emotes from a rogue government.

The Election Day Sermon is hosted by Covenant Community Church (CCC) of Whitehall, MT. Steve Wagner, one the elders of CCC opened the meeting with a greeting and brief description of the vision of the organization for such an event. Host legislators, Senator Jennifer Fielder, Representative Alan Doane, and Representative Wendy McKamey then addressed a standing room only crowd under the dome of the Capitol.

Past Election Day Sermons in Helena have been building to the point addressed at today’s event. In 2006 Timothy Ewing opened the series by reminding all that this is a Christian nation. The next year Dr. Peter Marshall built on that theme explaining the covenantal nature of the American system of government. In 2010 Warren Mark Campbell introduced the concept that civil authority originates in God and His law. In 2012 Gordon Runyan drilled deeper into that concept to explain that all authority derives from Jesus Christ.

On the web site promoting the Helena, Montana Election Day Sermon and describing the vision of Project Liberty Tree, the sub ministry organizing the events, you are encouraged to start an Election Day Sermon in your own Capitol building, County Court House, or City Hall announcing that; “If you would like to begin this practice in your county or state, we will be pleased to share our knowledge and experience with you.”

What then is stopping Ohio, Akron, Canton, Summit or Stark Counties, or any other of the surrounding governmental jurisdictions from restoring this great American tradition? It is only the lack of someone with the vision to restore this great land to its former greatness, by restoring it to its former goodness, under the authority of Jesus Christ, who will take up the task to organize such an event for local lesser magistrates. It would be beautiful to see an Ohio Election Day Sermon promoted on the Project Liberty Tree web site in the next two years. Thank you Helena for your example.

By Randy Pope – Examiner –

Prosecutor Threatens Defendant To Force Firing Of Attorney

From –

The Flathead County, Montana Prosecutor’s Office and the Flathead County Drug Task Force has been caught, red-handed, trying to get a client to fire Tim Baldwin (a Constitutional attorney) because they don’t like him. They were messing with a man’s life and threatening him and his wife that he’d go to prison for 20 years on drug charges if they didn’t fire Tim Baldwin, as their attorney.

Seems like the public defenders office did little to help this man, and when Tim inherited the case, he did his job and threw everything that he had at the case. And the PTB didn’t like that – they wanted to send the man to jail. The wife of the client recorded a conversation between her, and the Sheriff’s drug task force guy, and then turned the recording over to Tim Baldwin. Learn more, and hear the tape here:….

BTW, since this story broke, the DA’s office has dropped BOTH charges against Tim’s client, so that the particulars would never come out about what really has happened.

So, you have the prosecuting attorney and the cops, colluding together to railroad someone going through the criminal justice system because they don’t like Tim (and his daddy, Chuck). The cop references, in the call, that Tim is “Constitutional”, like that’s some kind of disease…

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