Ferguson Protests Spread Nationwide

Demonstrators there [in Ferguson] broke windows at City Hall Tuesday night and set a squad care on fire, but the protests had far less destructive power than the previous night..

By the end of the night 45 people had been arrested in Ferguson, most for failure to disperse, though at least one person was taken in after being part of a group that was throwing smoke bombs, flares and frozen water bottles at a line of officers.

Some protesters also threw rocks, tent poles, and bottles – some containing urine – at officers.

It also came as tens of thousands of people in more than 170 cities across America – including Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles, among others – were demonstrating against the long-awaited verdict for a second night….

….a hit-and-run driver smashed into a crowd of Ferguson protesters in Minnesota, before dragging a woman 20 feet under his front wheel and running over her leg.

The motorist, who has not been identified, was captured on video speeding toward the group in a dark-colored Subaru Outback during a march and rally in Minneapolis on Tuesday afternoon.

He plowed into demonstrators, before smashing into a woman and carrying her along the road under his front-left wheel, while another protester who also struck by the vehicle desperately clung to its hood.

As bystanders screamed loudly and rushed to the woman’s aid, the car briefly stopped, before driving off. However, it came to a halt further down the road and the driver was reportedly taken into custody.

By Sophie Jane Evans – MailOnline and Associated Press –

School To Implement Racist Punishment Against White Kids

The contemptible Attorney General Eric Holder has injected his views on forced racial equality into the federal Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights.

Eric Holder believes that schools should have a race-based system of punishment for their students, and thinks that black students should receive smaller punishments than white students.

The Daily Caller is reporting that Minneapolis Public Schools has bought into this line of thinking as well, and will be implementing a new review policy for suspensions, for the purpose of eliminating a perceived racial gap. This comes after an investigation by the Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights into why more minority students are suspended than white students.

MPS Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson said, “I and all of my staff will start to review all non-violent suspensions of students of color, especially black boys, to understand why they’re being suspended so we can help intervene with teachers, student leaders and help give them the targeted support they need for these students.”

Johnson’s office also put out a press release about their new policy, which begins this coming Monday. The press release reads, in part….

From the Conservative Tribune –