FBI Commands FAA To Ground (censor) Florida Family Association Aircraft With Banner That Stated ‘AIG SPONSORS JIHAD TV’

The Federal Aviation Administration, pursuant to FBI orders, grounded the aircraft that Florida Family Association paid to pull a banner which stated “AIG Sponsors Jihad TV” around MetLife Stadium.

The FAA has stated that they lost the control tower audio recording of this act of censorship after receiving a Freedom of Information Act request.

However, the FAA provided a written account of the event in which they verified the FBI’s actions and stated in part “The Front Line Manager (FLM) disclosed he could not recall ever requesting any other aircraft to leave the area.”

The FBI has been unresponsive to numerous communications that requested a reason as to why their agency commanded the FAA to order the grounding of the aircraft.

The FLM’s statement that “he could not recall ever requesting any other aircraft to leave the area” unmistakably means the federal government censored Florida Family Association.

Did an AIG official ask an FBI official to ground the plane? Could the FBI have deleted the audio recording of the conversation between the control tower and pilot given the FAA’s finger pointing letter?

Florida Family Association tapes ten hours of programming on Al Jazeera America every day and communicates with each advertiser.

Top advertisers are featured in articles at floridafamily.org. One Hundred Ninety Seven (197) out of Two Hundred Twenty One (221) companies have stopped advertising on Al Jazeera America.

(AIG) is the only Fortune 500 company that has advertised on Al Jazeera America during the past fifteen months. Florida Family Association decided to use aircraft banners to publicize AIG’s ardent support for Al Jazeera America after the company ignored thousands of emails from concerned consumers.

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