Bicyclist Arrested For Carrying Infant In Baby Carrier – CPS Takes Child

By John D. Nuño Jr. – –

A man filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against the San Francisco police department after he was arrested for riding his bicycle with his infant son strapped to his chest. The suit also claims that officers forcibly took the child to Child Protective Services.

The lawsuit, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, states that the incident happened in a bike lane on Eighth and Harrison streets where bicyclist Takuro Hashitaka was riding, with his 10-month-old son in a Baby Bjorn carrier, to a Trader Joe’s two blocks from his home on Dec. 13….

In the suit, Hashitaka states that a police car came close up behind him and pulled him over.

He told officers he wasn’t aware of helmet laws for babies and that he asked the officer “what the authority was for this,” according the suit.

Hashitaka said that the officers grabbed his wrists, telling him he was being arrested and that CPS would take his son. Later, he said, other officers arrived and took him to the ground and choked him until he lost consciousness—twice.

He said that police never contacted his wife despite his pleas and that the “terrified” baby was taken to CPS….

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Two Sisters Medically Kidnapped By State Of Arizona For Research?

By F. Peter Brown- –

Two preteen sisters, Kayla and Hannah Diegel, have been taken from their parents’ custody by Child Protective Services and Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

The sisters are being used without parental consent for genetic research. They have a rare form of genetic mitochondrial disorder. They have been fed in the past using feeding tubes. The feeding tubes allowed them to thrive.

However, the state has ordered the removal of the feeding tubes, which has caused Kayla, 12, to lose 25 percent of her weight, and Hannah, 10, to lose 17 percent. Kayla Diegel now has less than three percent body fat.

While the mother fears for her daughters’ lives, she has been ordered by a court not to to talk and to remove all discussion of the case from the internet and social media.

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