CAFR & a Challenge for You

On the syndicated news today they are pitching imposing a tax on e-cigarettes.

The politician that introduced the bill justifies the new proposed tax with one and one only statement:

“If we do not tax e-cigarettes, where else will we get the money we need from?”

I have heard the same blanket comment over and over again per raising taxes for the last 40-years.

That comment made by a politician to the public is the biggest insult that can be rendered per directly calling the listeners “useful idiots” when it comes down to the reality of government’s gross income from the many sources of: Tax, Investment, Enterprise, etc.

Government’s gross income is obscene and has expanded exponentially each and every year through depending on the population being masterfully entertained while being spoon fed with blatant “selective presentation” with the contrived comment of: “where are we going to get the money from?”

A good and clear analogy per the same would be; A politician sitting in a row-boat in the middle of the ocean who says: “Where am I going to find salt water?” said with an overtone as if it were a genuine question, and depending on the listener’s ignorance not to see the ocean surrounding the row-boat..

Here is a link with instructions to view and download many local governments’ Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports that I sent out in a previous post to the CAFR1 national email list last week: (**To get the CAFR download listing for each local government entity – Click on the “Winners List by Agency Type” in the centered blue boxes)

That link with the Click on instruction followed by you will list about 3000+ local government CAFRs for downloading, view, and review. All categorized by local government type and alphabetically listed by each state….

By Walter Burien – –

1933 – Lawful Government Overthrown

By Arnie Rosner – A Nation Beguiled –

All of America has been lied to (Beguiled) from the get go. Since we believed what they said and taught, we allowed them to swindle us. Since most of us believed in these lies, and accepted them as truth, we became victims of cognitive dissonance until we started comparing reality with the lies. The problem we have now is lack of intellect and confidence to attempt self education. THIS WHOLE SCENERO IS NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE FOR MANY TO BELIEVE. Americans are being shot from so many angles there is no place to hide but in our ignorant acceptance of tyranny. WHO CAN AND WILL STEP UP AND FIRE THE FIRST SHOT OF CONFIDENCE?

Many express the view that the election in a few days will solve everything. Well unfortunately that view is held by many Americans. They have not been able to see past the deliberate games and deception being played for them.

To begin to open a thought process to begin to accept what these diabolical traitors have done to our country requires quite a bit of effort. So don’t be too surprised at what you will begin to learn. Should you have questions…please feel free to either call or write. 714-964-4056 or arnie

Remember, there are two distinct citizen classes in America. If you are an American citizen and not a United States of America, INC citizen, you are not lawfully affected by anything the bankrupt corporation, deceptively named the United States of America, INC. operating in Washington, D.C., does…unless you knowingly give your consent.


The ideas presented below are based upon quite a bit of research from various sources. This permits putting some of the pieces that would normally be missing in following the series of crimes against the American which spanned over 200 years.

Thankfully folks like Dr. Schroder and Judge Anna have devoted much of their personal lives to share with those of us wise enough to understand the nature of the games in which we have been thrust.

The Game in which you have had no idea you were playing.

Anyone is welcome to offer corrections to the information presented.

The federal government was hijacked in 1933.
1.The Congress became board members of the United States of America, INC.
2.The state governors became franchise managers of the corporation, the United States of America, INC. in 1933.
3.The state senate and assembly seats of each state were also hijacked and the lawful public servants were replaced by impostors acting in the capacity of board members of the state franchise.
4.This rolled down the chain to the county and the municipal government operations.
5.At the county and municipal levels one must ask the sitting impostors, to explain what happened to the third branch of administration. Somehow it conveniently disappeared. Hmmmm
6.And for other related information supporting the concepts expressed please review the CAFR.s for each government corporation in which you interact. CAFR Fountain Valley, Ca.
7.The CAFR Affair
8.CAFR in Depth

The people have not been involved in any type of government since 1933.

The American people have had no lawful government since 1862 or so.

There is some evidence to make the point but nothing found so far to do anything but to begin to raise these questions to those currently impersonating office holders.

Regarding 1933:
•Conference of Governors meeting March 6, 1933
•Proclamation 2040 – By 1939 all American Common Law Civil Process will be gone

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