Revolutionary Arguments of Christians and Patriots

Part 1
By David A. McElroy
April 13, 2011

The New World Order works mightily to destroy national heritage and cultural identity in general, Christianity in particular. If we are to stand anywhere as a “nation under God”, then we must look to God’s Word for our justice and our heritage, our identity. There is much confusion in the many arguments of those seeking to restore American Heritage.

While it is true that the Christian influence was strong in America’s fight for freedom in the Spirit of ‘76, with such as the Black Regiment preaching truth, justice, and liberty from the pulpits, Satan was also busy sowing evil seeds in Early America. Many of the founders were Freemasons, like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. In the texts of Freemasonry, Lucifer is worshipped. While solid arguments can certainly be made that The Constitution of the United States of America was written to regard certain biblically outlined principles, we must also recognize the U.S. Constitution was seeded with some subversive intentions of corporatists like Alexander Hamilton. It has utterly failed in the cause of truth, justice, and liberty. Government is quite taxing and openly hostile to the cause of Christ and our Declaration of Independence. We are enslaved by Mammon, seeing babies sacrificed like unto Molech, suffer a government led by minions of Lucifer.

I advocate clarity in simplicity, getting back to basics, to ground us in the rudiments of our needs, our identity, our heritage. Clarity leads us to the righteous discernment of our liberties, rights, restrictions, and responsibilities for a people truly under God. The devil cannot eliminate what God has ordained, so he confuses the issues with complexity and chaos, distractions, fears and temptations. Straw men abound. Don’t be confused!

There seem to be seven basic areas of confusion needing to be clarified in order to firmly establish our identity, or position, on the field of battle and chart the correct course to arrive at our rightful heritage and stand our ground successfully. To defeat the enemy, we need to address these seven issues:

1. Sovereignty – Proper roles of God, Man, and State? The order of society?
2. Freedom to choose? A “Christian Nation”? Or merely a “Free Country under God”?
3. States’ Rights argument subterfuge? God ordained individual rights & nations? How?
4. God’s Law or Man’s Law? – God’s Law of Love v. Love of Law by elitists?
5. “Natural Law” v. “Law of God” – How do they differ and how do they agree?
6. Marriage & Family Values – Does God or State properly define these?
7. Commerce & Labor – Prosperity, property and work ethic v. usury, debt & slavery?

In these seven areas dwell the rudiments of any society or government structure. As we enter the storm of societal collapse, we should consider how we might regroup afterward.

Sovereignty – God, Man & State

The Sovereignty question is the real lynchpin for all our social structures. What is the nature of sovereignty and what are the proper relations between God, Man, and State?
We should clarify this issue first to properly address the other six issues I raise later.

Sovereignty, simply defined, is a state of independent authority or power, a matter of owning one’s self and being responsible only to one’s self for the decisions and actions of one’s self. It is being master of a domain. In many arguments about proper government, we commonly raise three distinct realms in which sovereignty must be distinguished. The three realms are those of God, Man, and State. Each is different in essence and operates selfishly on a different plane of authority, in different domains.


The recognition of Sovereign God is the great stumbling block, the first part of that basis of Western Law known as The Ten Commandments. This is due to many insisting on a lesser divisive definition of God, an anthropomorphic concept. Many pagan deities were seen simply as a greater species of men, like Hercules, Apollo or Thor, who had unusual superior abilities. Some deny any deity exists, being Atheists. Some refer to the “Old Man in the sky”, as finite human minds cannot grasp the whole of the infinite eternal Almighty Transcendent Meta-mind we so glibly refer to as GOD or YHWH. His domain is infinite, encompasses reality in all dimensions. One True God exercises Universal Sovereignty.

I understand the biblical One God, the “Father in Heaven” who manifested the Christ as His “Son of Man” sharing His Holy Spirit, to be characterized as the eternal, omniscient, omnipotent Ground of All Being – Creator of all things, the seminal “Fountain of Life.” He is literally “mind over matter”, the prime mover. Scientific mathematical proof for the existence of God, though not His personality, was established by Dr. Paul Davies, who won the Templeton Prize for his proof. No creature can master God’s divine Self, and He answers to no man or state. His plane of authority and power is absolute and infinite, transcending all planes existential. God’s exercise of authority is final over life because He authored life. Being truly God is to be absolutely sovereign in all things naturally as all things natural were created by His supernatural Word in their archetypical forms now propagating recursively after their own kind. Absolutely, God has Universal Sovereignty.


Man is a creature of God, a construct sharing the divine spark of life the Holy Bible tells us the Creator imparted to Adam. Man, a lesser real being, was created for relationship in community with God and Nature, Self-Aware. He exercises his own measure of authority in his realm, his constructs, as a thinker, a builder, a lesser creator. He is not merely a life force or spirit, and certainly not a mindless physique. Scripture tells us God, in the desire to have real and honest relations with humanity, ordained Man has the freedom to choose – even the freedom to choose good or evil, God or the Devil. The highest level of relationship is that we call Love. Inherent in The Ten Commandments are all of our rights, restrictions, and responsibilities for righteous living. God fully intended us to master our domain on Earth. But He warned that in exercising our measure of self-ownership, our sovereignty, we own the consequences for our decisions. We contract our debts, earn our rewards. So we must “own up” to our responsibilities, honor our own commitments and bear the full costs, being careful in what we choose. We reap what we sow, as a matter of cause and effect. The Holy Bible defines Sin as being without God, having separated from His counsel and providence for life in choosing poorly for our own selfish reasons. A child lives under his father’s roof, under his rules, under his providence. As a mature individual, he steps out in personal sovereignty, assuming responsibility for himself. Man has freedom to choose, but when God’s rules for righteous living are not heeded, the costs are Man’s. The wages of sin is death, being separated from God‘s house. God has given us the right to choose in self-ownership, having ordained personal liberty. We individuals possess Personal Sovereignty.


A State is a body politic, an organization of people created by people to serve particular interests. States have taken many forms. But they are all corporate ventures fixed upon certain varying principles and objectives humans have chosen, for good or evil selfish reasons. States are created by Man, either to serve a society at large, or a particular ruling faction. Membership may be voluntary, as in citizen, or involuntary, as in slave. States in turn charter or license lesser corporate structures to permit and regulate social institutions such as armies, schools and law enforcement, foreign relations, currency and commerce. States most often are created to protect rights and enhance the peace and prosperity of a given culture. But states, as “fictitious persons” of a corporate nature, do often develop along selfish lines to become psychopathic bodies politic which violate the mores and interests of their people in claiming a corporate right to supercede or violate the laws enforced upon their publics. Force and fraud are often employed. This is attributable to an elite faction pursuing an egotistical ungodly agenda in wielding state powers. Never is the creature superior to its creator, and states are human constructs. The state has a measure of sovereignty collected from its people, and its sovereignty is properly subject to those people collected in the corporate body. It is created for particular reasons. Corporate or collective sovereignty is not to violate an individual’s personal sovereignty ordained by our Creator God within His universal sovereignty. The Ten Commandments should be obeyed by the collective corporate bodies representing masses of individuals who are to be ruled by those commandments, subject to the same Law of God. As Man is prohibited from murder, theft, and false witness, so should any corporate enterprise be prohibited from these actions. The state has Corporate Sovereignty as Man’s collective creation.


The order for the hierarchy of sovereign domains is Universal, Personal, and Corporate.

Freedom to Choose – Christian Nation or Free Country?

Man’s creation of a state is often born in a state of rebellious anarchy, the chaos of a revolutionary conflict arising from a people’s seeking relief from cruel exploitation and tyranny. Or conversely, a war of conquest and capture. The Hebrews fleeing Egypt argued among themselves wandering forty years on the way to the “land of milk and honey”, led by YHWH to become Israel in resolve. As a nation, they seized Canaan to become a state.

Man’s freedom to choose is inherent in the personal sovereignty granted him by God. Despite God’s warning recorded in I Samuel 8, the ancient Israeli people rejected God to choose a man, a monarch, be crowned to rule them with the trappings of a state. God accepted their collective choice, but warned them of the costs of corporate rule by kings.

Recursive Thinking

Americans now find themselves at a similar juncture. Our forefathers came to America fleeing tyranny and oppression, only to find the British Empire had exploited dissension and confusion, fear and temptation, to yoke the people here. Some were led to join the Revolutionary War to fight for Truth, Justice, and Liberty as Christian Patriots. Other patriots, like Thomas Paine, had another philosophy of freedom. Many colonists stood with King George III in deference, indifference, or fear. After the battle, America became the modern land of milk and honey, a land of opportunity and prosperity for diligent and intelligent workers. Many found ways to live together in peace despite their differences, like William Penn, who enjoyed good relations with the Native Americans. Others were driven by egos to conquer, kill, capture, and control land, resources, and people. Now, we see corruption pervasive in every area of government and commerce, even courts and churches. Culture is confused and full of dissension. Chaos reigns. Again, oppressed people are impoverished and divided, and looking for new governance. Patriots argue in factions torn between choosing “A Free Country” and “A Christian Nation” as in 1776.

America’s Revolutionary War victory produced committees and conventions to argue the issues needing resolved in shaping statehood. The political pressures of the day in 1776 were largely stemming from the predominantly Christian character of American society. But early Americans were also very wary of the oppressive nature of institutions they had fled Europe to escape. They did not respect the doctrine of “The Divine Right of Kings”, the tyranny of the Roman Catholic Church, or the Anglicans, Lutherans, Calvinists, etc. They were looking to the Bible for guidance as a civil and independent people. But they had to resolve the question of founding either a “Christian Nation” or a “Free Country”. The founding fathers chose the latter for reasons both good and evil, with corporate interests invested and largely overlooked at the time. The evil of slavery was permitted by simply regarding blacks as mere chattel and denying them human rights.

The “Free Country” option was chosen within a structure giving Christians great leeway to practice their varying faith in freedom, while not imposing any religious faith on those who do not freely choose to do so, like Thomas Paine. It is a basic Christian tenet that we come to Christ by faith, not force nor fraud, and the free state option honored this tenet. A secular approach to civil government was embraced which embodied certain, but not all, Mosaic/Christian principles of social order without citing scripture specifically. Satan had his loopholes in the dichotomy. Moses’ presentation of God’s Ten Commandments is carved in stone as the basis of our jurisprudence in the US Supreme Courthouse where the court has ruled against them repeatedly in various issues. Duplicity in legal language is Satan’s way, with linguistic gymnastics of the sinful sorts silver tongued devils deploy against common sense and the pursuit of justice in legalese deliberately deceitful in their craftsmanship. Remember the lawyer tempting Jesus in Matthew 22:35-36?

Corporate Sin

Any charter or constitution written by Man will be flawed, misleading, with trumpeted virtues and a hidden agenda, as does the Constitution of the United States of America. Patriots who had fought in America’s Revolutionary War and had earlier submitted to the weak coalition chartered under the Articles of Confederation demanded a Bill of Rights as an immediate amendment documenting American people’s God-given rights. They saw the fundamental rights of free people were not being recognized or protected in the new constitution merely defining a representative body politic recognized as a republican form of government with greater and expandable corporate powers. The argument over central banking is a case in point. Recall how the ol’ Bait and Switch is standard procedure for politicians and how to recognize when a politician, bureaucrat or a corporate lawyer is lying. Are their lips moving? Why is it “legal“ for them to repeatedly lie, steal, and kill?

Constitutional arguments are mere distractions, and moot. You should remember, the US Constitution was suspended in 1933 by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who at the same time ordered all case law in US jurisprudence expunged in favor of his new Public Policy. FDR made his new policy clear enacting the War Powers portfolio, including the Trading With The Enemy Act – defining the public as enemies of the state! It still stands, and the US Constitution has been null and void for nearly 80 years! Public Policy is the very flexible rule today, and you may have noticed constitutional arguments are deflected in “Superior” courts! We are only spinning our wheels with the constitutional arguments today. That yellow fringe on the American Flag in courtrooms signifies Admiralty Law, which is that of the Captains of Industry steering our ship of state, imposing their own Uniform Commercial Code like greedy pirates plundering the seas of humanity from their corporate boardrooms. The “Third Way” currently cited as resolving the big argument between Capitalism and Communism is Fascism, the corporatist remedy. It is a hostile merger of Left and Right in the Hegelian Dialectic, a deceitful corporate takeover whose flagship sports the Skull and Bones in blackness. It was planned long ago.

Remember subterfuge reigns in shifting federal Public Policy as we seek to restore truth, justice, and liberty under God and defeat deceitful tyranny! The New World Order means a total global government organized corporately within the United Nations, and is merely adding yet another parasitical level of bureaucracy – like putting more whitewash on the rotting structure of an old barn not far from collapse. More government is more costly subterfuge, as the halls of government everywhere draw many egotists, psychopaths, and sociopaths, to the levers of power in the revenue streams. Pride leads where? What to do?

In seeking to formulate a free state for any nation of people, we must first consider the nature, or definition, of a state or nation of people. Lawyers and Politicians have misled us with tricky language to bring about their oppressive corporate regimes.

What is a Nation?

In ancient origins, even biblical terms, a “nation” was a distinct human culture, refined with very certain mores and religious traditions, language and social customs that were well defined within certain ancestral boundaries both genetic and geographic. Such a culture had long-recognized structures of authority, some unique styles of and techniques of art, industry, and education. These nations were largely homogenous and ethnic, tribal and clannish. Family life was the basis of society. People within these nations knew the etiquette, or rules, for their social life, and this promoted confidence and stability for both the individual and the community at large. The ancient nation had a distinct identity in the Family of Man, and protection and providence for the people in peace and prosperity was the paramount goal of good leadership. Agriculture became the basis of providence and prosperity shaping society, requiring peace and stability. Strong men, warriors and priests, became village chiefs and kings defending social stability. Proud men were oppressive.

What is a State?
Social stability, or national identity, in a homogenous culture, is everything the modern statist loathes and globalists seek to destroy pursuing a planetary hegemony described as the New World Order. It is corporate feudalism, the elite ruling class of all the states and nations closing ranks to control, cull, and enslave the great masses of all working class peoples, as opposed to waging costly wars among their “Great Houses“. This regime will essentially destroy middle classes, reduce almost all humans to serfdom in surveillance.

Politics is known as “the art of compromise”, and politicians function for compromise, take power in compromising. They will compromise anyone or anything where they find it profitable to do so. Treason is not beyond them, corruption is the norm. They find no profit in a stable, happy, healthy, prosperous society. They are “problem solvers” who are only too happy to create problems seeking synthesis in the Hegelian dialectic. They drive the public like sheep to be fleeced. Or reduced to mutton. Multiculturalism is a means to this end, breeding confusion and conflict. The promotion of homosexual rights, militant feminists and dehumanizing abortion, zero tolerance of traditional values, especially our Christian ones, the imposition of foreign cultures and foreign laws, even some hostile and perverse ones, racial quotas, unguarded borders and the preferential treatment for illegal immigrants, etc., are federal public policies spelling doom for a stable state or nation.

The modern state is a Welfare/Warfare/Police corporate empire not based in any ethnic or ethic other than the pursuit of profit and power in many fiscal and logistic matters both material and psychological. Such a regime regards the body and mind of Man, but sees no reality or value in the soul of Man, his personal sovereignty. The state seeks to assert the selfish fictitious person of statehood as our god in arrogant defiance of God’s universal sovereignty. In doing such blasphemy, the state is properly considered psychotic and even paranoid schizophrenic in behavior. Should such a state be given our faith and credit in any matter? The proper order of sovereignty is God, Man, and State, not vice-versa.

The State is an Illusion of Man

Chaos and violent conflict are profitable for Uncle Sam and his family of corporatist handlers operating his left and right arms to confuse us between his two white-gloved iron fists. These professional psychopaths insist on metering everything in society in general, and individuals in particular, for their quantitative analysis so as to engineer such as shortages or stock markets and commodities to achieve the aims they have leveled against us in the “unwashed masses”. Suffering and reward, fear & temptation, sticks & carrots, are wielded against us as Satan reveals his agenda step by step with Uncle Sam’s actions. Everything Uncle Sam has is taken by force or fraud. He is an illusionist, and we should seek to be disillusioned so as to find the Way, the Truth, and the Life for our personal sovereignty within God’s universal sovereignty.

A state is merely an artifice, a mental construct outlined in some text and lines on a map. How often have you heard America’s dollar is backed by “the faith and credit” people have in the federal government? What happens when people no longer have faith or give credit to the state ruling them? Should a state not respect personal sovereignty so as to retain people’s faith and credit? Or should the state exploit them like livestock to serve the state’s selfish desires for power? Does the state exist for Man, or does Man exist for the state? This is the great dividing question, separating the centrist realms of monarchs, Marx and Lenin, from those of truly representative forms of governance. It is essentially an argument between atheists and humanists in the International Socialist Revolution and the theists seeking a righteous order with liberty and justice from various religious camps, which are often misled by National Socialists, or NeoCons. To resolve this issue, do we want a “Free Country” or a “Christian Nation”? Shall we obey God, or toss the dice?

Christ and Liberty

The libertarian spectrum hosts a good forum for this argument, ranging from the atheist anarchist to the Christian libertarian, of which I am one. Note the lower case “l” means I am not of the Libertarian Party, but the essential libertarian principles of never initiating force nor fraud, as Christ himself would urge. Offense is forbidden, defense is a duty. I see Christ overturning the moneychangers’ tables as a defense of God’s Temple.

We should look for the instruction of our Creator, much as we would study the owner’s manual of an automobile to handle an issue. God’s Word is always good, as He has no need to deceive within His absolute authority of universal sovereignty. His Holy Bible contains outlines for formulating a just and proper government for any civilized nation of individuals enjoying liberty in a society tempered by personal responsibility. All persons would be under God’s Law, and collective corporate ventures and bodies politic would be subject to the same laws God holds individuals to in a free and just society. There would be “equal rights for all, and special privileges for none,“ as Thomas Jefferson advocated. God’s law is spelled out clearly in The Ten Commandments, see Exodus 20:3-17. Christ Jesus summed these up for a lawyer in Matthew 22:36-40. Love is deemed paramount, and Christ’s Golden Rule suffices. Love is integral with respect, truth, justice, and liberty. Are you willing to love God and your neighbor even as you love yourself? In any state?

Read God’s warning against a human central government in I Samuel 8, replying to the Hebrews requesting a king to rule all the tribes of Israel to deal with judicial corruption. Judges had ruled the tribes in a loose ethnic national alliance under the Torah, the “Law of Moses”. The problem was not the form of governance, but righteousness lacking. Israel rejected God to give faith and credit to a centralized government vested in a human king that could be their tangible visage in the face of foreign kings. The monarchy was merely another level of bureaucracy, the artificial creation of a national self distinct or distanced from God. It was not a solution to the corruption seen among the people and their judges. Many kings of Israel demonstrated how their statist powers only magnified selfish evil in egotistical pursuits. In hubris, they separated from God and brought ruin to Israel.

Earthly power is best dispersed widely among the individual people with final authority centralized only in the Word of God. None of us should wield unbridled power, because “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely“, as Lord Acton once said. All personal sovereignty should be tempered with responsibility in subjection to the greater sovereignty seen in God’s Law. Our domains are nested within God’s, and the states are nested within our domains as God allows us to choose. A state is merely a collection of individuals, and collectively, the state’s rights and restrictions are no greater than those of individuals under God’s Law. A corporate body has no more right to lie, steal or murder than an individual does. A legally “fictitious person” like Uncle Sam should have no more rights than a real flesh and blood person. Have we chosen government wisely?

Conclusions for Social Order

Man enjoys life with a measure of sovereignty most abundant in the observance of his subservient position in the face of Sovereign God. Jesus said, “My yoke is easy”, and in bondage to Christ, we find our way to liberty, truth, and justice. The collective state best serves Man, its creator, in subjection to the same Laws of God individuals are to respect. Any measure of governance exceeding the bounds of God’s Law is tyranny, and anything less leads to anarchy. God, Man, & State is the proper order of governance reflected in the order of creation. The battle is joined…. Whom will you serve? Man’s Creator, or Man’s creation, the corporate state? No KING BUT JESUS! I say live free or die trying!

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