Vietnamese Pastor Badly Beaten by Unknown Attackers

Pastor Quang and his associate pastor were attacked by five men on Sunday afternoon, Jan. 18, near a Bible school that Pastor Quang founded in southern Vietnam. The attackers threw bricks and rocks at the pastors until they collapsed to the ground, and then kicked them repeatedly. Pastor Quang suffered broken ribs, a broken nose and injuries to his jaw and teeth. He has been arrested in the past because of his evangelical work and has faced violent attacks from both local authorities and hired thugs.

Many church leaders and students affiliated with the Bible school have also been arrested, beaten and harassed. Voice of the Martyrs in Australia is helping pay the pastors’ medical expenses. No one has been arrested in connection with the attack.

Prayers are requested. To date, 1,500] prayers in 46 nations have been posted for Pastor Quang. His life is threatened.

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