Minimum Wage Workers Earn Less Money Than Welfare Recipients

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Minimum wage laws are designed to reduce poverty and provide income equality for the American workforce. However, economists vary in their opinion of what a lower wage can buy. Moreover, millions of part-time workers continue their struggle to live on a bare minimum wage earning.

On the other hand, this last August, Fox News reported close to 110 million Americans are receiving government assistance, including Medicaid, subsidized housing, food stamps, and welfare. In fact, 83 million people collected Medicaid and 51.5 million people collected and used food stamps.

Michael Tanner, from the Cato Institute, reported to Fox News that in some states welfare recipients receive benefits that are equivalent to a $20 an hour salary, whereas most states pay a minimum wage of $7.25.

Tanner explained the following to Fox News. “So in many cases people could actually do better on welfare than they could in an entry level job.”

Some Americans need support and help in the form of subsidizes like food stamps and Medicaid. However, the benefits derived from welfare programs far surpass the minimum wage employees receive from their employers.

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